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One-on-One Consultations

You feel like you're doing something wrong but not sure what correct? You feel like you're doing everything and all the diets plus working out but it's not even working, right? You're not sure what to do next and you're about to just give up?

This is where I come in. Assessing your eating habits (if that's necessary for your goal or can help with your goal), taking a look at your physical activity (doesn't matter how intense) and learning about you is how we can turn the goal that seems impossible and make it possible in some way. Remember we have to be realistic and take those necessary steps (some goals require baby steps and some don't) so you can feel and look great. 

I will provide any information I have during and right after our session so you have the tools you need to conquer your goal. 



We want to provide and bring to you as much information as possible. Aside from our Instagram page, we are bringing you workshops to increase your confidence in your skills and knowledge. 

Keep an eye out on our social media or even check the schedule to see what workshops are happening! 

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