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  1. I would like to cancel my appointment, is this possible?

    • Yes, however, you would need to cancel at least 24 hours prior to the appointment or there will be a $10 charge for the missed appointment.​

  2. I reached out to book a consult, what is next?

    • You will receive an email from me with further information so we can schedule the appointment, do the transaction, confirm and be prepared for when we meet. The details will follow in an email.​

  3. I am not sure if I want to book an appointment, if this is even the right step for me or if it makes sense to meet with you. What do I do?

    • Well, feel free to reach out to me and let me know that this is the case. We can chat for 15 minutes for free to help you decide. From there we can book the actual appointment if that's the route you choose to take.

  4. Will you be sharing any information during our session?

    • No, everything is confidential and all my records are kept for me to help you accordingly. ​They will be disposed of when they are no longer of help (so when you are completely done with my service however long that may be).

  5. I see you sent a contract, why? Do I have to sign?

    • Yes, you have to sign as we will not be able to proceed if you don't. This contract is written consent for me to assist you however you feel comfortable and to the best of my ability during our sessions. 

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