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Meet Kesha

Health Coach - CPT, Nutrition

Hey, I'm Kesha. I am a Health Coach that specializes in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This extends to healthy eating habits, mindset, strengthening, weight loss, muscle gain and toning. My role is to help you build and feel confident while being the best version of yourself by catering to your personal needs and goals. I guide you in implementing changes to live a healthy lifestyle with a plus of feeling at your optimal health which is an awesome feeling.

I am the owner of Kdiamond Fit, a brand and culture I started to do what I always do and love doing, helping people. First looking at the services. Currently, I am holding personalized, one-on-one consults to guide and help my clients reach their healthy lifestyle goals. How?  Check the infographic on this page.

We have also looked into the fashion side of things and now have a clothing line as well. You can rock the brand in any casual setting; the gym, hanging out with friends, zoom meetings and more. To show our appreciation, we want to feature you so don't hesitate to tag us on your social media or email us your pictures to be featured. Another thing to look forward to is notebooks. Many like to keep track of their schedules, intake and more so we are looking into notebooks so you can keep track of your healthy lifestyle and maybe even share your tips and tricks with others. 


We are a safe space and would love to help you in however way we can. Creating a community for support, a place to find reliable information, a consultant that focuses on you, swag to show off the culture; Kdiamond Fit wants to inspire you to be at your best and better yet, feel at your best. 

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